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General information about the master's program

A study profile is selected at the beginning of the 1st semester.

All profiles are presented in detail during the welcome event and during the first weeks of study. Counseling is always available during office hours. The choice of profile determines the focus of study. Regardless of this, various courses are designed to be interdisciplinary and cross-profile. There is also the possibility of further specialization in the supplementary area (Ergänzungsbereich).

The program is designed as a full-time study program. It is possible to apply for part-time study.

In total, the program consists of 120 credits (LP) within 4 semesters or 2 years (standard period of study).

1 LP corresponds to a workload of 30 working hours, i.e. 1 module with 10 LP corresponds to 300 working hours, which include preparation, course attendance time and follow-up, as well as self-study, activities such as on learning platforms and preparation time for the module exam.

On average, 30 LP are acquired in 1 semester. The LPs are not awarded until the module is completed, which includes the forms of active and regular participation and the module exam.

The average attendance study time is 12 semester-week-hours (SWS) or approx. 6 courses.

At the Institute for Latin American Studies, courses are offered in German, Spanish, Portuguese and English. In addition, indigenous languages are taught. Details can be found in the study and examination regulations.

At least one lecture per module is offered in German/ Spanish or Spanish and at least one seminar per module in Spanish or Portuguese. There is no entitlement to the provision of a specific course in a specific language.

It is possible to take examinations (module examinations and master's thesis) in German, Spanish, Portuguese or English upon agreement.

In teaching practice, the proportions of the different languages vary depending on the modules and the topics and objectives of the courses. Therefore, students should firstly be able to actively participate in the courses orally and in writing in German and Spanish or Portuguese (admission requirements: knowledge of German and knowledge of Spanish/ Portuguese at least B2 CEFR). Secondly, students should also be able to read and understand English texts, since English is an important language of science. Reading and understanding English is therefore also a prerequisite for active participation in the courses.

The standard period of study is 4 semesters or 2 years (including the master's thesis and all examinations). The curriculum is modularized. As a rule, 2 courses with related content form a module that extends over a maximum of 2 consecutive semesters.

Yes, a semester abroad is possible and recommended in the 3rd semester. Provided that prior agreement has been reached on the study achievements to be completed, these will subsequently be recognized for the modules of the third semester (30 LP) without extending the duration of study.

In principle, this is possible in the supplementary area, specifically in the module Current Issues in Latin American Studies (in this case 2 external courses), through the recognition of external achievements, provided that prior agreement has been reached with the Study Program Coordination Team on the choice, content and requirements of the courses to be completed externally at Master's level.

There is no entitlement to access courses offered by other institutes/ departments of Freie Universität Berlin or Berlin/ Brandenburg universities.

It is possible to apply for part-time study. It is also possible to apply for a semester-long leave of absence (Urlaubssemester).

It is strongly recommended to check the conditions in advance and to seek advice. Applications must always be submitted to the Student Administration Office of Freie Universität Berlin.

No, there is no mandatory internship in the Master's program Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies. However, an internship in Germany or abroad is a possible option in the 3rd semester. If an internship is chosen, it is a component of the study program. After prior agreement, it is subsequently recognized for the study program.

Credits (LP) are awarded for study and examination achievements. For the successful completion of the M.A. Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies, a total of 120 LP must be acquired in four semesters. An average of 30 LP is acquired per semester. Credits are awarded for a successfully completed module including active and regular participation as well as the module examination passed with at least "sufficient" (min. grade 4.0). Credits are not awarded for participation in individual courses.

Here you will find extensive information about the possibilities to improve your language skills in the areas of (Brazilian) Portuguese, Spanish, German as a foreign language and/ or indigenous languages.