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Reynaldo Panduro Llerena

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International Research Training Group 'Temporalities of Future in Latin America'

PhD Candidate

Educational Sciences

Project: "The Image of the Peruvian National and the Future of Peru in the Texts and Teaching Materials of the Early Modern Nationalism""

Boltzmannstr. 4
14195 Berlin


Since 05/2022

PhD Candidate, International Research Training Group ‘Temporalities of Future’

10/2019 – 07/2020

Master of Arts in Research in Education (Specialisation in Teaching of Social Sciences), Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain

03/2007 – 12/2011

Bachelor in Research in Social Sciences: History, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Perú


Work Experience

Since 05/2022

Researcher, International Research Training Group ‘Temporalities of Future’

09/2021 – 11/2021

Researcher at the Ministry of Culture of Peru. Evaluation, systematization and preparation of educational resources for the Directorate of Citizen Participation

01/2019 – 12/2019

Participation in the Heritage Education research group registered with the Vice-rectorate for Research and Postgraduate Studies. Universidad Nacional de San Marcos

2014 – 2015 

Professional support in the construction of History Progress Maps for the Peruvian National Curriculum

Project: "The Image of the Peruvian National and the Future of Peru in the Texts and Teaching Materials of the Early Modern Nationalism"

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Carusso, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

For the formation of the image of a nation and its future, the past and its narration acquire a structural importance. This narrated past will become part of the collective memory, which requires actions for its formalization, which include a selection of past events, which will be collated and classified. In order to participate in that past, presented as a collective past, it is necessary to learn it, achieving that from daily use, that past configures an image of the future of a society.

At school there is a school history that is a space where social memory is legitimized. This history requires instruments where identities and knowledge are presented; as is the case of school textbooks since they are the owners of a story with representations and interpretations that help to form identities, interpret the past, understand current conditions and promote future perspectives, building an image that is formed and socialized. Therefore, the objective of the project is to analyze the image of the Peruvian nation and the future of Peru that was transmitted in textbooks and school materials of History, Geography and Civic Instruction during early modern nationalism (1904-1930). It is a markedly reformist era marked by the Centenary and its corresponding balances. For this time of reviews, retrospectives and bets on the future, we will analyze the production, circulation and content of History, Geography and Civics textbooks as supports where a historical description of Peru is transmitted, about the Peruvian population and the values that are they must convey to Peruvians that it will be learned and practiced in the face of a certainly uncertain future, but thought of as a break with that past.

From the investigation, we contribute within the little explored field in Peru such as school texts, from the understanding of texts and school materials that bet on the formation of various versions of historical memory and the future of the country in the framework period and a key problem in the history of Peru in the 20th century.


Sánchez, D. y Panduro -Llerena, R. (2020) Socialization of the concept of quality and licensing in the Universities of Peru. En IGOBERNANZA (11), Lima: IGOB 

Delgado, V. y Panduro – Llerena, R (2015) Presence of Afro-descendants in the Peruvian curriculum. Contributions for its visibility in school education. En Revista del Simposio Internacional de Didáctica de la Historia. (26). Extremadura: Spain

Delgado, V. y Panduro – Llerena, R (2014) The formation of the History club, an experience for historical understanding at I.E 3091- Huaca de oro. En Revista Simposio Internacional de Didáctica de la Historia. (25). Barcelona: Spain

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