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PhD Fellows IRTG Berlin/Potsdam

Elis de Aquino

PhD Candidate

Project: "The Road to Success: Mechanisms of Social Mobility and Individual Strategies of the Poor in Brazil"


Belén Díaz

PhD Candidate

Project "Struggles for Hegemony in the 21st Century: The Renewal of the Right in Latin America"


Felipe Fernández Lozano

PhD Candidate

Project: "Infrastructure, Aspirations and the Politics of Temporality in Buenaventura, Colombia"


Elizabeth Gallón Droste

PhD Candidate

Project: "The Voices of the Atrato River: Navigating the Future through the Rivers of Gold"


Andrea Garcés Farfán

PhD Candidate

Project: "Arid Futures: (Re)visions of the Desert in Contemporary Latin American Literature"


José Francisco Hernández Reyes

PhD Candidate

Project: "Temporalities from the Near East: Visions of Future Progress from the Arab Diaspora in Latin America"


Georg M. Holfelder

PhD Candidate

Project: "Fatal News – Anti-Press Violence and the Regulation of Information Flows towards the Mexican Public"


Luis Kliche

PhD Candidate

Project: "Constructores del futuro, herederos de la paz: The Role of the State in the Political Construction of Young People in 21st-Century Nicaragua"


Lorena López Jáuregui

PhD Candidate

Project: "Americanism. Science, History and Geopolitics of a Continent in 1910"

Foto López Jáuregui3

Isabel Richter

PhD Candidate

Project: "The Future of Memory: The Romanian-Jewish Avant-Garde Artist Emeric Marcier as a Challenge for Memory Research in Brazil – A Contribution to the Reception of Interreligious Art in the Latin American Exile"


Alrik Schubotz

PhD Candidate

Project: "Contesting Identity Politics in Brazil: Transnational Culture Wars and Political Religion"


Ricardo Uribe

PhD Candidate

Project: "Clocks for the New World: History of Universal Time"

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