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PhD Fellows IRTG Mexico

Alicia Frota de Souza Antonioli

Gender Studies

Project: "'They want to return us home with our mouths shut': experiences and strategies of women journalists in the face of digital violence in Mexico"


Héctor Andrés Echevarría Cázares


Project: "In Praise of Doubt. For an intellectual history of scepticism Los Contemporáneos' Mexico"

foto hector

Helena Fabré Nadal


Project: "From waiting to searching: women's organisation around the "Justice and Hope" collective in response to the forced disappearance of 22 migrants from San Luis de la Paz"

Arianna Pani Durán


Project: "The Search for Missing Persons in Guerrero, Mexico, in the 21st Century: The Search for Justice and Social Grief"

Alonso Pi Cholula


Project: "Recursos simbólicos para atribuir sentido a la desigualdad económica en los programas de MBA de élite en México""

Betsabé Piña Morales


Project: "Encounters and disagreements with regard to heritage conservation and protection practices in the Mixtec territory. The case of the Mixteca Alta Geopark"

Francisco Sebastián Ramírez Crespo


Project: "Ethnography in the urban plantation of Mexico City"

Edgar Joaquín Ruiz Garza

Latin American Studies

Project: "Repelling sounds: Chronotopies of sound and aurality in the current art of the native peoples of Latin America"

Catalina Guadalupe Saiz Juárez

Gender Studies

Project: "Feminist periphery: women in collective action (re)constructing themselves from the territory"

Fernando Vargas Olvera


Project: "The construction of community gobernments in Mexico City: native women, the productios of law and judicialization"

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