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PhD Fellows IRTG Mexico

Edgar Córdova Morales

PhD Candidate

Project: "Border Struggles for the Search of Missing Migrants: A Transoceanic Ethnography of Political Subjectivities, Justice and Violence in Mexico's Southern Border and the Central Mediterranean Route"


Inés Giménez Delgado

PhD Candidate

Project: "War in the Body: Mechanisms of the Unlawful, Forced Displacement and Dispossession in Guerrero, Mexico. An Ethnographic and Audiovisual Approach”


Samuel Lagunas

PhD Candidate

Project: “Imaginaries of the End in Latin America. An Eschatological Reading of Our Recent Literature”


Juan Carlos Villafuerte Ramírez

PhD Candidate

Project: “Landscapes of (In)Security and Planning of Possible Spaces. Perception of the Security Patrols in the Middle-Class Districts of the 'Xola corridor'"

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