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PhD Fellows IRTG Mexico

Miriam García Apolonio

Project: “The post-Tridentine ritual and its music during the Jesuit missionary work in America”


Marlene Godínez Soto

Project: "The verticalization of urban land in Mexico City: The real estate megaprojects Mitikah Ciudad Viva and Miyana Polanco"

Foto Marlene G

Gunther Adolfo Hasselkus Sánchez


Project: "From medical student to covidologist. A disruptive and empowering experience of young general physicians who worked in a temporary hybrid COVID-19 unit during the first year of the pandemic in Mexico City"


Katy Itzel Hernández García

Education Studies

Project: "Beyond Sonority: Temporalities, Anticipations and Aspirations of Deaf People"

Leonel Hernández Polo


Project: "Future aspirations and scholarly levels of Second-Generation Young Mexican Immigrants in the United States of America"


Arisbeth Hernández Tapia

Project: "Forced displacement in the Sierra Tarahumara, slowed lives, aspirations and violence"


Andrés Luna Jiménez


Project: “(Dis)montages of history in contemporary cinematography: time, experience and subjectivity”

Andrés Luna

Erick Mancha Martínez

Project: "The crisis of 1907, future projections and the revolution: the political economy of the crisis in Mexico, 1905-1910"


Cristián Orrego Rivera

Project: "The relevance of voodoo in the formation of the Haitian nation, and in the production of symbolic capital of the Haitian community in Chile"


Ana Elena Pascoe Rodríguez

Project: "The Imagination of the Demos in the Digital Public Sphere"

foto perfil ana elena pascoe

Sergio Randi

Political Sciences

Project: "Protest, collective action and future projections in the popular uprising of October 2019 in Chile: Political practices, emerging organizations, future aspirations in the young generations: Towards a democratic refoundation of society?"

foto sergio randi

Luz Helena Rodríguez Tapia

Project: "To leave, to stay or to wait. About the settlement processes of the Honduran population in Monterrey, Nuevo León, and Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico"

Luz Elena Rod Tap Foto

Erick Rodríguez Velázquez

Literary and Cultural Studies

Project: "The Memory of the Arab Diaspora through its Recent Literature in Latin America (1985-2015)"

erick rove

Lorenia Ruiz Muñoz


Project: "Luxury and fascination: the reconfiguration of trade routes with 'Orient' and the projection of imperial futures during early globalization (XVI and XVII centuries)"


Elsa Paulina Segovia Elizarrarás

Project: "The use of cryptocurrencies as a hedging instrument in unstable Latin American economies: The Argentinean and Salvadoran Case"

foto segovia elizarraras

Jesús Eduardo Villota Mera

Project: "Gypsy patriarchy and Pentecostal socialization in the temporary-identity construction of Roma in Mexico"

foto de jesus villota

América Zepeda Cabiedes


Project: "By lowering one square you established thousands: The Camporista militancy and its recovery of the collective memory"

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