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Alumni IRTG Mexico 2021/22

Marian Artlet Ferrara

Project: "Another virus came to 'the corner': a life course analysis of trans* women sex workers in public and digital space at the juncture of the pandemic"


Ricardo Fernández Castillo

Project: "Currency and bimetallism in historical perspective. The Mexican monetary system during the first half of the 19th century"


Gloria Maritza Gómez Revueltas

Project: "Astroculture and extraterrestrial future pasts in Mexico, 1960-1980"


Daniel Medel Barragán


Project: "Civil society, morality and freedom: an intellectual history of the language of political economy in Hispanic modernity. 1780-1871"


Aurora Rodríguez Sánchez

Project: "The temporary experience of young people. Compared study with students from UNAM (Mexico) and UH (Cuba) based on the uses and appropriations of Information and Communication Technologies"

Foto Aurora Rodriguez

Paola Andrea Salazar Carreño

Political Science

Project: “Transitional Justice in Colombia: Participation opportunities for rural women in the construction of historic memory and clarification of the truth (2003-2019)”

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