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Elsa Canali


Freie Universität Berlin

ZI Lateinamerika-Institut

Literaturen und Kulturen Lateinamerikas



Freie Universität Berlin – PhD in Literatures and Cultures of Latin America (2022 – today)

Freie Universität Berlin – Master in General and Comparative Literature (2018 – 2021) Thesis: „¡Porque escribí, r-esistí! Politischer Widerstand und literarisch - imaginative Resilienz bei Alcira Soust Scaffo und bei Auxilio Lacouture in Roberto Bolaños Amuleto“ (Final score: 1,2)

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn – Bachelor in German-Italian Bilateral Studies (2015-2017) (Final score: 1,6)

Università degli Studi di Firenze – Bachelor in German-Italian Bilateral Studies (2013 – 2015) (Final score: 107/110)



Centro de Documentación Arkheia, (MUAC), Mexico City (Mexico) - Cataloguing work of the manuscripts in the archive of Alcira Soust Scaffo - DAAD Research scholarship for PhD candidates (April – August 2023)

Blog: Alcira Soust Scaffo - Transcriptions of part of Alcira Soust Scaffo's poetic manuscripts and publication of video-audio interviews (2020 – today)

Academic Talk: “ Prácticas re/esistentes: Reflexiones sobre la vida y obra de Alcira Soust Scaffo y sobre Auxilio Lacouture en la novela Amuleto de Roberto Bolaño”. Jornadas Homenaje Roberto Bolaño (2003-2023): Diálogo de lectores. ILH-MALBA - Buenos Aires 18 - 19 October.

Project Description

Title: Kreativität 'in-between': Roberto Bolaños Liminalitätsstrategien der literarischen Inszenierung von ex-zentrischen Künstlern und Künstlerinnen 

The project explores transitions between canonicity and marginality in literary studies using the anthropological concept of liminality. The notion opens up fruitful research horizons for literary practice and multidisciplinary theoretical discourses (Cultural Studies, Cultural Memory Studies, Gender Studies and Spatial Turn). Liminality is analysed in three stages on the basis of literary theory and the specific literary aesthetic of the writer Roberto Bolaño. First, liminality is explored as a literary theoretical concept, i.e. as overcoming the binary pair of opposites canonicity / marginality in literature (cf. Aguirre, Manuel, et al. 2000). Then the biographies and works of three 'ex-centric' artists of the 20th century will be examined: the Mexican poet Mario Santiago Papasquiaro, the Chilean-German multidisciplinary artist Ernst Lorenza Böttner and the Uruguayan activist and poet Alcira Soust Scaffo. Focus of this stage includes reflections on liminal archives of ' ex-centric' artists. Finally, their literary staging in Roberto Bolaño's works as 'archivo único' will be analysed.