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Frederico Di Giacomo

Frederico Di Giacomo
Bildquelle: Felipe Cotrim

Freie Universität Berlin

ZI Lateinamerika-Institut


Literaturen und Kulturen Lateinamerikas mit Schwerpunkt Brasilianistik

ZI Lateinamerika-Institut, Freie Universität Berlin
Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56
14197 Berlin


Since 07/2020
PhD Candidate, Literaturen und Kulturen Lateinamerikas, Institute for Latin American Studies, Freie Universität - Berlin
04/2020 - 07/2020

Pre-PhD Studies, Institute for Latin American Studies, Freie Universität - Berlin

Fachkolloquium Literaturen und Kulturen (LAI_K_33606_20S), Freie Universität Berlin

Literaturas, artes e a floresta (LAI_H_33832_20S), MA "Interdisziplinäre Lateinamerikastudien", Freie Universität Berlin

Especulações Ameríndias, academic study group on Ameridian perspectivism and Literature. Mentoring Institute for Latin American Studies; Jun.-Prof. Dr. Mariana Simoni
2002 - 2005

Bachelor in Social Communication - Journalism at Unesp (São Paulo State University)
Approved 1st place in the exam for BA in Social Communication - Journalism at Unesp

Bachelor with maximum grade (10) in the undergraduate thesis (About clowns and revolutions, thesis with 73 pages + one hour video documentary) [equivalent summa cum laude]

Work Experience

12/2020 - present   Assistant-editor, UOL
05/2020 - present   Literature Columnist, Arte Fora dos Centros, UOL
08/2013 - 12/2020   Publisher - freelance editor, São Paulo - Berlin
11/2015 - 05/2020  Editorial Consultant, Elemidia, São Paulo
01/2017 - 06/2017  Writer, Conversa com Bial, Rede Globo, São Paulo
02/2016 - 01/2017  Pedagogical coordinator and teacher, Énois, São Paulo
10/2014 - 10/2015  Editor-in-chief, Editora Abril, São Paulo
10/2013 - 10/2014  Editor and writer, Glück Project, Berlin
08/2009 - 08/2013  Editor-in-chief, Editora Abril, São Paulo
04/2006 - 07/2009  Reporter and Assistant-editor, Editora Abril, São Paulo

Honors and Awards

  • São Paulo Prize for Literature 2019
    Best Book of the Year - Debut Author: shortlist
  • Grant for the publication of books in the city of São Paulo 2017
    Novel Desamparo: winner
  • Prêmio Jabuti 2017
    Gastronomy: Prato Firmeza (editor), shortlist, 2017
  • _docubase, MIT, 2017
    Filosofighters: selected work
  • CNS Honors & Scholarships, University of Texas at Austin
    Featured Polymaths: Polymaths in Public
  • The Society of Publication Designers(SPD), New York
    Website: Video, Silver Medal Winner, 2013
    Website: Interactive elements, Shortlist, 2013
    Online/Rich Media, Merit Winner, 2012
  • Abril Awards of Journalism (Prêmio Abril de Jornalismo)
    Website of the year, Winner, 2016
    Best Social Media Work, Winner, 2012
    Professional of the year, Winner, 2012
  • PROJOR - the Institute for the Development of Journalism
    Selected to participate in the International Symposium on Journalism and in the Colóquio Ibero-Americano de Jornalismo Digital as part of PROJOR's journalism improvement program in Brazil, funded by Google.
  • BIG (Brazilian Indie Games)
    Best Online Game, finalist, 2012
  • FILE (Electronic Language International Festival)
    Selected works, 2011

Research and work interests

  • Literature - novel
  • Brazilian Literature - regionalism
  • Contemporary Brazilian Literature
  • Postcolonialism and amerindian perspectivism
  • Publishing and multimedia storytelling
  • Native Brazilian Literature

PhD-Project: "The inconstancy of the wild interiorpolyphony and perspectivism in the Brazilian contemporary literature"

Supervisor: Jun.-Prof. Mariana Maia Simoni, Doutora em Letras, Freie Universität Berlin

This project will explore how contemporary Brazilian writers coming from the inlands breaks the dominant gender, geography, race and class standards in this country’s contemporary literature, decolonizing it. Which aesthetic and literary differences are perceived when those who were once the object and characters of literature become its subject and authors? This answer will help to change the way Brazilian Literature sees itself and it is seen around the world. The present investigation carries both an importance in the literary field and a social impact in Latin American studies. In the literary analysis, it starts from a solid basis of consolidated theory (GENETTE, SCHMIDT) arriving in the post-colonial studies (CHAKRABARTY, MIGNOLO), approaching the Dr. Eduardo Viveiros de Castro’s “Amerindian perspectivism” theories in the literary field. The social importance of the project comes from the analysis of the Brazilian literary field, through Bourdieu methods and interviews with the authors, which show how these contemporary authors break with the unequal Brazilian society, where only the economic elites have access to the literary field.


Books - non-fiction


DI GIACOMO, Fred; HUECK , Karin. Glück, Editora Record; ISBN: 9788546500963


DI GIACOMO, Fred. (editor); multiple authors. Prato Firmeza, Énois; Prêmio Jabuti nominee. ISBN: 9788578887056


HUECK, Sabine (org.); DI GIACOMO, Fred; HUECK, Karin. Guten Appetit: a nova cozinha alemã, Melhoramentos; ISBN: 9788591730902

Books - fiction and poems


DI GIACOMO, Fred. Desamparo [Hilflosigkeit] (São Paulo Prize for Literature 2019 nominee), Reformatório, 2018; ISBN: 978-8566887433


MULTIPLE authors. Realidade Alternativa: 24 Contos Além da Imaginação, Ed. Abril; ISBN: 978-8569522782


DI GIACOMO, Fred. Guia poético e prático para sobreviver ao século XXI, Patuá; ISBN: 9788564308497


DI GIACOMO, Fred. Canções para ninar adultos, Patuá; ISBN: 9788564308534

Children's books


DI GIACOMO, Fred; HUECK, Karin. Felicidade tem cor, Matrix; ISBN: 9788582302392


DI GIACOMO, Fred. Haicais Animais , Panda Books; ISBN: 9780714124612

The book Haicais Animais had poems included in the educational material of Editora Positivo and in the Bradesco Foundation’s Activities Notebook - Portuguese Language for Elementary School.

The book Haicais Animais was adopted, in 2019, by the City of São Paulo in its program Cadernos da Cidade (support materials for students). 

Articles, essays and literary criticism [selected works]


Poet Ricardo Escudeiro: Facção Central and Street Fighter to Parnassus, Cult Magazine, Ed. Bregantini


From the borders of Brazil is born a literary revolution in the southern hemisphere, Cult Magazine, Ed. Bregantini


News from our private Macondo: magical realism and fake news, Cult Magazine, online, originally presented in the Printemps Littéraire, Sorbonne Université, Paris


Art in the time of Bolsonaro [Eles não querem que existamos], Cult Magazine, online, originally presented in the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany, 2019


Rock, Rebellion And My Misguided Shame Of Brazilian Culture, Wordcrunch, France