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Dr. Michel Otayek

M. Otayek
Bildquelle: Peter Adamik

Freie Universität Berlin

ZI Lateinamerika-Institut

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Forschungsprojekt "Mobilität, Anderssein" - Prof. Klengel

ZI Lateinamerika-Institut der Freien Universität Berlin
Projekthaus: Boltzmannstr. 1
Raum 105
14195 Berlin

Michel Otayek is an art historian specializing in 20th-century photography and print culture in Ibero-America. He holds an M.A. from Hunter College (Art History, 2012) and a Ph.D. from New York University (Spanish and Portuguese, 2019). His research focuses on the production and circulation of photographic images, emphasizing questions of gender, mobility, and cultural exchange. His published scholarship showcases his ability to think critically about issues of cultural production from a transnational, interdisciplinary perspective.

Approved with distinction, his doctoral dissertation examines the careers of exiled photographers Kati Horna (1912 - 2000) and Grete Stern (1908 - 1999) in Mexico and Argentina, respectively. Paying close attention to their mobile positions across networks of cultural production, Otayek underscores the photographers' ability to exercise a wide range of creative choices within dense markets of print culture.

His curatorial experience includes "Told and Untold: The Photo Stories of Kati Horna in the Illustrated Press" (Americas Society, 2016), the first exhibition in the United States dedicated to the work of the Hungarian-born Mexican photographer. Among other institutional projects, he has collaborated with the Reina Sofía Museum's online portals "Rethinking Guernica" (2017) and "Front and Rearguard: Women in the Spanish Civil War" (2021).

Dr. Otayek's current book project (Strangers, Documenters, Troublemakers: Indigenist Photography by European Women in Postwar Latin America) considers photography's mediating role in contexts of unequal conviviality by tracing the production and transnational circulation of photographic images in advocacy for indigenous rights in Central and South America.

Research Interests

  • Photography and Print Culture
  • Gender and Exile Studies
  • Visual Anthropology
  • Spanish Civil War Visual Culture
  • Indigenous and Postcolonial Studies
  • Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art

Academic Theses

“Photography, Mobility, and Collaboration: Kati Horna in Mexico and Grete Stern in Argentina.” Ph.D. dissertation (New York University, 2019). Approved with distinction.

“Testimony of an Instant: The Spanish Anarchist Revolution Through the Lens of Kati Horna (1936-1939).” MA Thesis (Hunter College, 2011). Awarded the Sommerville Art Prize.

Edited Books

De la lleca al cohue: Photography in Venezuelan Penitentiaries, eds. Violette Bule and Michel Otayek (work in progress)

Patricia Avellán: Línea retrospectiva, eds. Michel Otayek and Eugenia Sucre (work in progress)

Told and Untold: The Photo Stories of Kati Horna in the Illustrated Press, eds. Christina de León, Michel Otayek and Gabriela Rangel, exhibition catalog. New York and Mexico City: Americas Society and Archivo Privado de Foto y Gráfica Kati and José Horna S.C. (2017).

Articles, Book Chapters, Catalog Essays, Encyclopedia Entries

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“An Unruly Photographic Practice: Barbara Brändli in the Venezuelan Amazonia,” in  A Foreign Eye: Photography, Women and Global; Encounters in the 20th Century, eds. Jordan Troeller and Hyewon Yoon, special issue of History of Photography (in review)

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Conferences, Lectures, Symposia

“Kati Horna y sus exilios fotográficos.” Guest lecture delivered as part of the seminar Cultura, Arte y Género, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales, CSIC (Madrid, Spain), February 14, 2023.

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"Making Words Palatable: Grete Stern’s Dreams (1948-1951).” Presented at SECAC Annual Conference (Chattanooga, TN), October 18, 2019.

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