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desiguALdades.net-Working Paper Series


News vom 09.04.2013

Die desiguALdades.net-Working Paper Series sind kostenlos in der Geschäftsstelle erhältlich und stehen im Internet zum Download bereit: http://www.desigualdades.net/en/Working_Papers/index.html

Zuletzt erschienen:

No. 36: The Subnational Method and Social Policy Provision. Socioeconomic Context, Political Institutions and Spatial Inequality. Rodrigo Rodrigues-Silveira

No. 37: State-Society Cycles and Political Pacts in a National-Dependent Society: Brazil. Luiz-Carlos Bresser-Pereira

No. 38: Flows of Water, Flows of Capital: Neoliberalization and Inequality in Medellín’s Urban Waterscape. Diana Marcela López Rivera

No. 39: Conocimientos sociales, conocimientos académicos: Asimetrías, colaboraciones, autonomías. Claudia Briones

No. 40: Recent China-LAC Trade Relations: Implications for Inequality?. Enrique Dussel Peters

No. 41: Between Rights and Power Asymmetries: Contemporary Struggles for Land in Brazil and Colombia. Maria Backhouse, Jairo Baquero Melo, Sérgio Costa

No. 42: Internet, Public Space and Contention in Cuba: Bridging Asymmetries of Access to Public Space through Transnational Dynamics of Contention. Marie Laure Geoffray

No. 43: Entangled Inequalities as Intersectionalities: Towards an Epistemic Sensibilization. Julia Roth