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Workshop "Currency Hierarchy, Macroeconomic Policies and Development Strategies"

News vom 09.12.2015



First Panel: Currency Hierarchy and Macroeconomic Policies

Chair: Christian Ambrosius

Fritz, Barbara/Magalhães Prates, Daniela/de Paula, Luiz Fernando: Keynes at the Periphery. Currency Hierarchy and Challenges for Economic Policy in Emerging Economies

Priewe, Jan: An Asset Price Theory of Exchange Rates (presentation)

Flassbeck, Heiner: A New Concept for Macroeconomic Policy in Developing and Developed Economies

Dymski, Gary (discussant)

Second Panel: Macroeconomic Policy

Chair: Alejandro Márquez-Velázquez

Ambrosius, Christian: Policy Constraint and the Recovery from Banking Crises

Sonat, Zeynep: Monetary Policy Dependency in the Periphery - the Case of Turkey (presentation)

Gonzaga Jayme, Frederico/Campos, Renato/Britto, Gustavo: Endogeneity of the Elasticities and the Real Exchange Rate in a Balance of Payments Constrained Growth Model: Cross-Country Empirical Evidence (presentation)

Herr, Hansjörg (discussant)

Third Panel: Development Strategies

Chair: Stephan Panther

Troncoso Baltar, Carolina/Magalhães Prates, Daniela: Brazilian Export Dynamism and the Threat of Chinese Exports from 2008 to 2012

Márquez-Velázquez, Alejandro: Growth Impact of the Exchange Rate and Technology (presentation)

de Conti, Bruno/Magalhães Prates, Daniela: The International Monetary System Hierarchy: Determinants and Current Configuration (presentation)

Marques Pereira, Jaime (discussant)

Forth Panel: Implications of the Currency Hierarchy for Advanced and Peripheral Emerging Economies

Chair: Carolina Baltar

McKinnon, Ronald/Schnabl, Gunther: China's Exchange Rate and Financial Repression: The Conflicted Emergence of the Renminbi as an International Currency (presentation)

Peruffo, Luiza: The Role of Emerging Market Countries in a Changing International Monetary System: The Brazilian Perspective (presentation)

Wilhans Antonio Palludeto, Alex/Cabello Abouchedid, Saul: The Currency Hierarchy and the Center-Periphery Relationship Revisited (presentation)

de Paula, Luiz Fernando (discussant)

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