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Postdoctoral Projects

Current Postdoctoral Research Projects

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Stephanie Schütze:

Alba Villalever, Ximena: Postdoctoral Researcher in the Project "Forced Migration and Organized Violence" (Project Directors: Prof. Stephanie Schütze and Prof. Ludger Pries, funded by DFG)

Correia Zanoli, Vinícius Pedro: "Intersecting ‘Race and Sexual Diversity’ in Transnational Advocacy: Local and Global Opportunities and Constraints in Latin American and Caribbean Activism." (funded by DFG as part of the Walter Benjamin Program)

Schumann, Charlotte: "Consensus regimes in resource conflicts of the 21st century: From gold mining to data mining"

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kummels:

Maradiegue, Walther: Postdoctoral Researcher in the Project “Paisajes Sonoros Compartidos: Revitalizaciones Musicales y Políticas de la Identidad en el Perú” (funded by DFG).

Completed Postdoctoral Research Projects

Supervised by Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kummels:

Aguilera, Sabina: “Unraveling Tarahumara perceptions of landscape through historical documents” (Stipend of Gerda-Henkel-Stiftung)

Bedorf, Franziska: “The Affective Creation of ‘Home’: Patron Saint Fiesta Videos in the Transnational Context of Mexico/USA” (Head of project Prof. Ingrid Kummels) within SFB 1171 “Affective Societies”.