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Academic Writing in the Field of Cultural and Social Anthropology

Information on academic writing and scientific praxis

Detailed information on scientific research can be found in the wiki "Scientific Research at the Institute for Latin American Studies" (access with FU user ID). There, under the section "Notes from the Disciplines/Areas", you will find specific information on the recommended citation style and formatting for term papers and theses in the field of Ancient American Studies/Cultural and Social Anthropology. In addition, on the website of the Master's program in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies, "Important Documents to Download," guidance in Spanish and Portuguese can be found in PDF format under the section " Academic Writing and Good Academic Practice."

Detailed information on citation styles, the creation of bibliographies, formatting, how to deal with your own collected data, etc. and many examples can also be found in the guidelines of the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology of Freie Universität for writing scientific papers.

Exact specifications regarding citation style and formatting have to be agreed upon with the master thesis supervisor or the seminar leader!

Selection of academic journals in the field of Ancient American Studies and Cultural and Social Anthropology

Selection of library catalogs and data bases