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Recently finished PhD thesis: Carlos A. Pérez Ricart

News from Feb 24, 2017

Carlos A. Pérez defended his PhD thesis on October 17th, 2016. During his exposition titled "The narcotics agencies in the United States and the transnational construction of the war on drugs in Mexico (1938 – 1978)”, Pérez Ricart presented the results of his work and inserted them into the IRTG´s research agenda as well.

Pérez Ricart received a qualification scholarship by the IRTG in 2011, and a full scholarship between 2012 and 2014. Besides his active participation as a PhD student in Berlin, he realised several research trips to Mexico-City, New York and Washington D.C. At the moment he prepares his postdoctoral qualification with the title: “In search of a little history of Mexico´s 20th century anti drug policy: the construction of an international space?”

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