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Internship (10 LP)

Verlaufsplan 3. Fachsemester Masterstudiengang Interdisziplinäre Lateinamerikastudien (SPO 2023)

Verlaufsplan 3. Fachsemester Masterstudiengang Interdisziplinäre Lateinamerikastudien (SPO 2023)

Qualification aims

Students independently learn about the practical relevance of Latin American studies and reflect on it within a potential professional environment. They learn to apply the subject-specific methods they have acquired during their studies in an independently organized internship. Students have the opportunity to refine practical and analytical skills and gain insights into possible careers. Afterwards, they use the skills they acquired during the internship in their further studies and in their own project (see module Academic practice). In addition, students can demonstrate high motivation and have effective time management, social, and decision-making skills, as well as a sense of responsibility and practical knowledge during the internship. As in the diverse fields of work and activities they may work in, students doing the internship are aware of interdependent inequalities and are sensitive to the dynamics of gender, diversity, and power.


If the student chooses to do a research internship, they should choose an internship in Germany or abroad in a suitable field. The Central Institute for Latin American studies advises on the search for potential internship institutions (see also the information offered on the homepage and blog as well as alumni activities). Internships in the research projects of the Central Institute for Latin American studies are especially recommended. How the internship is relevant to the student’s proposed final project and thus to the master’s program as a whole must be explained in advance and discussed with the student’s thesis supervisor. The project, its suitability, and the time frame (dates and scope) are to be recorded in writing in advance. It is possible to divide the internship into two parts and also to complete the internship part time. It is strongly recommended to complete the internship during a lecture-free period. A final report documents the development of competencies and the consolidation of theoretical and methodological knowledge, as well as regional studies expertise regarding the proposed final project.

Upon completion of the internship, a certificate stating the number of hours should be issued by the hosting institution. An internship report is published, anonymously if desired, and thus made available to fellow and future students. Part of the internship module is to participate in an event tailored to the master’s program on career perspectives with guests/alumni. This usually takes place once a year and is open to all students at the Central Institute for Latin American studies. 


Teaching and learning methods: Externes Praktikum (P)

Module exam: Internship report (approx. 5 pages); this module exam is not graded differentially

Offer: every semester

In addition, the report will be published on the WiPra blog, if necessary in abridged form and adapted with regard to sensitive data, with or without name and with or without password protection, and thus made accessible to fellow students and subsequent generations.