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Apart from the general considerations, what do I need to keep in mind when choosing my internship?

If you decide to do an internship in the 3rd semester, the research focus/ relation to the thesis and studies must be stated (consultation/ evaluation by the supervisor; consultation by the program coordination). A consultation protocol is then completed and signed (all students submit the consultation protocol regardless of their choice). Only after prior submission of the consultation protocol can the internship be subsequently recognized.

The program coordinator can confirm that the internship is being completed within the framework of the degree program by means of a letter, which is sometimes required for an application. However, it cannot be certified that the internship is mandatory, as it is only one option in the 3rd semester.

A semester-long leave of absence may be applied for. This is particularly useful in the case of an internship abroad, taking into account the conditions.

Additional internships or internship hours beyond the required hours are voluntary. In these cases, consultation with the supervisor is recommended.