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Final phase and master’s thesis

As a rule, the master's thesis is written in German. After consultation with the supervisors of the master's thesis, it can also be written in English, Spanish or Portuguese (note on the topic sheet when registering the master's thesis at the examination office). More information can be found in the section "Information about the final phase" as well as on the page of the examination office.

SPO 2013: approx. 80 pages with approx. 24,000 words (this roughly corresponds, for example, with Calibri font, font size 12 and 1.5 line spacing); the time for completing the master's thesis is 6 months.

SPO 2023: 18,000 to 22,000 words;the length corresponds to approx. 60 to 70 pages excluding the title page, the bibliography and possible further indexes as well as footnotes the time for completing the Master's thesis is 22 weeks.

Students who have found a research topic and a supervisor can register their master's thesis. According to the standard period of study, this takes place in the 4th semester. Please note the deadlines set by the examination office for registering the thesis. As soon as you have registered your thesis, you can start working on it. More information can be found in the section "Information on the final phase".

  • SPO 2013: the time for completing the master's thesis is 6 months.
  • SPO 2023: the time for completing the master's thesis is 22 weeks.

The thesis must be sent as an unencrypted PDF in an e-mail to the person responsible in the examination office (see e-mail contact) by the deadline at the latest. The signed affidavit must be attached in any case. Students will receive a confirmation of receipt by mail from the examination office. The reviewers will then receive the thesis from the examination office. You will find more information in the section "Information on the final phase".

Students independently seek a first and second supervisor. It is recommended to do so already at the beginning of the master's program or in the first two semesters of the master's program in order to receive the best possible support during the studies. Information on who may supervise the thesis (list of authorized examiners) and which examination constellations are possible can be found online. Consultation can take place at any time. Tips on finding and organizing supervision can be found here.

Students must independently apply for de-registration upon completion of the master's degree. This is a separate process from the application for confirmation of graduation (which takes place at the examination office).

De-registration is applied for at the Student Administration Office. As a general rule, de-registration is applied for in writing at the end of the current semester.

You will only be de-registered ex officio if you have not paid the tuition fees. As soon as you have completed all modules (including the colloquium!) in Campus Management, you can submit your request for de-registration. You no longer have to be enrolled to take exams and submit your thesis (see “Prüfungsanspruch”).