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Alumni IRTG Mexico 2019/20

Hernando Castro Vargas

PhD Candidate

Project: "The Introduction of Smuggling Routes from the Non-Hispanic Caribbean in Spanish America and the First Republics (1670-1815)"


Carolina da Cunha Rocha

PhD Candidate

Project: “Cultivating the State, Seeding the Future: Progressive Politics in the Agricultural Sector and the Formation of an Agrarian Technocracy in Brazil (1930-1975)”

carolina da cunha rocha

Nancy Hernández Martínez

PhD Candidate

Project: “Social Representations of Women on Feminicide in the City of Puebla”


Ariana Mendoza

PhD Candidate

Project: "Megaprojects in the City, Territorialities and Temporalities in Dispute. The Case of the Socio-Environmental Conflict of the New Airport in Lake Texcoco"


Ana María Morales Chacón

PhD Candidate

Project: "The Redistribution of Income through Tax Reforms in Latin America. The Cases of Uruguay and Costa Rica (2005-2018)"


Lucía Pi Cholula

PhD Candidate

Project: "Urban Figurations in Latin America. Views of the City in the 21st Century"


Karina Sánchez Cortes

PhD Candidate

Project: "Gender and Social Inequalities in Higher Education Admissions: The 2016-1 Undergraduate Generation at the UNAM"


Paulina Segovia

Project: "The Transformation of Economic Thought and Institutions in Mexico During the 80’s"


Marina Téllez González

PhD Candidate

Project: “The Habits of Power. Transfigured Interests in the Foundations of Nunneries in Spanish America (16th Century)”


Marco Antonio Villarruel Oviedo

PhD Candidate

Project: "On Literary Tradition: A Latin American Discussion"

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