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Alumni IRTG Mexico 2022/23

Katy Itzel Hernández García

Education Studies

Project: "Beyond Sonority: Temporalities, Anticipations and Aspirations of Deaf People"

Erick Mancha Martínez

Project: "The crisis of 1907, future projections and the revolution: the political economy of the crisis in Mexico, 1905-1910"


Cristián Orrego Rivera

Project: "The relevance of voodoo in the formation of the Haitian nation, and in the production of symbolic capital of the Haitian community in Chile"


Sergio Randi

Political Sciences

Project: "Protest, collective action and future projections in the popular uprising of October 2019 in Chile: Political practices, emerging organizations, future aspirations in the young generations: Towards a democratic refoundation of society?"

foto sergio randi

Lorenia Ruiz Muñoz


Project: "Luxury and fascination: the reconfiguration of trade routes with 'Orient' and the projection of imperial futures during early globalization (XVI and XVII centuries)"


América Zepeda Cabiedes


Project: "By lowering one square you established thousands: The Camporista militancy and its recovery of the collective memory"

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