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PRODIGY - Soil biodiversity governing tipping points in the Amazon

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About the Project

PRODIGY is a project of the BMBF/FONA BIOTIP-call and runs from 03/2019 to 09/2023. The application for the second phase of the project (10/2023-02/2025) has been submitted.

Success in land- and biodiversity management in one region can hardly be transferred to another region without specifically tailored adaptations. Our interdisciplinary German-Brazilian-Peruvian-Bolivian research-consortium aims at jointly develop such specifically tailored solutions for the MAP-region (triple frontier Brazil/Acre-Peru/Madre de Dios-Bolivia/Pando). With the results of our research in PRODIGY we intend to contribute regionally to biodiversity and land use management strategies and policies and globally to the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) whose methodology of inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge integration on biodiversity and the sustainable use of ecosystems corresponds with our research strategy.