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PRODIGY 2.0 Developing Science-based Management Options to tackle challenges of Global Change and avoid the crossing of Tipping Points in the Amazon

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About the Project

PRODIGY 2.0 is a second phase of the BMBF/FONA BIOTIP-call and runs from 10/2023 to 09/2025.

The destruction of the Amazon forest system may push it past a tipping point, causing significant impacts on local and global climate and society. PRODIGY 2.0 aims to understand the socio-ecological system (SES) in the MAP-region and contribute to sustainable solutions. The second phase of the project will focus on feedback oriented tipping cascades and approaches for stopping degradation and recovering degraded ecosystems. Success in land- and biodiversity management in one region can hardly be transferred to another region without specifically tailored adaptations. Our interdisciplinary German-Brazilian-Peruvian-Bolivian research-consortium aims at jointly developing such specifically tailored solutions for the “MAP-region” (triple frontier Peru/Madre de Dios- Brazil/Acre-Bolivia/Pando).

The heart and starting point of our project are the biodiversity-related processes that take place in the soil, while the social science perspective focuses on analyzing the connected social and political processes. We thus investigate how government policies, land use and land management strategies can influence the use of biodiversity to secure human livelihoods, and maintain the resilience of the socio-ecosystem in the face of climate change and economic shocks.

With the results of our research in PRODIGY 2.0 we intend to contribute locally and regionally to biodiversity and land use management strategies and policies, and globally to multilateral and international policy-making for an inter- and transdisciplinary knowledge integration on biodiversity and the sustainable use of ecosystems.