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diana.figueroa.gutierrez@fu-berlin.deBoltzmannstr. 4, Raum Raum 208, 14195 Berlin
a.sgambatti@fu-berlin.deBoltzmannstr. 4, Raum Raum 208, 14195 Berlin
claudia.cuellar@fu-berlin.deBoltzmannstr. 4, Raum Raum 208, 14195 Berlin

Dr. Anne-Katrin Broocks is a social anthropologist and sociologist working on human-nature-interaction & (im)mobilities from a broad range of perspectives. Besides coordinating the WP3 she aims to understand how soils, forests and humans make sense of the Amazon and co-create futures in times of transformations, drawing from discoursive constructivism and multi-species ethnography.

Academic Assistant: Diana Figueroa, political scientist. Now her research interest focus especially on the question of how the livelihoods and reproductive economies of women's* groups in the Amazon region change due to the effects of climate change.

Claudia Pinzón, political scientist. After completing her master's degree in Latin American Studies, she now focuses on dialogic/community spaces and the connections between land use (change), youth and migration in the Peru-Brazil-Bolivia research region.

Artur Monteiro, Master in Urban Planning. His PhD research delves in the evolution of international cooperation projects in the MAP Region, specially considering the diversity of land uses observable on field and supports the process of scientific communication of the project' results.