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Dr. Regine Schönenberg

Political scientist, leads Work-Package 4 "Integration" of Prodigy, drawing on decades of Amazonian prehistory (C.V.). Within the framework of Prodigy, Regine Schönenberg deals with inter- and transdisciplinary scientific communication and the interdependencies between land-environment governance and human-environment relations at the triangle of three countries Peru-Brazil-Bolivia.

Claudia Pinzón, political scientist. After completing her master's degree in Latin American Studies, she now focuses on dialogic/community spaces and the connections between land use (change), youth and migration in the Peru-Brazil-Bolivia research region.

Academic Assistant: Diana Figueroa political scientist. Now her research interest focus especially on the question of how the livelihoods and reproductive economies of women's* groups in the Amazon region change due to the effects of climate change.