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Artur Monteiro

Boltzmannstr. 4
Raum Raum 208
14195 Berlin

Artur holds a bachelor in Environmental Management (Universidade de São Paulo - USP), Master in Urban Planning (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ) and held an Alexander von Humboldt International Climate Protection Fellowship as well as a Gwärtler Stiftung grant for scientific communication. He works with Conservation Strategies in the Amazon, Bioeconomy, Value Chains' Assessment of Products from Amazon Socio-Biodiversity and Socio-environmental Conflicts for over 15 years. He carried out various researches on the Amazon Region, about the Amazon Fund and other conservation financial mechanisms, having been hired as an evaluator of the impact of different Amazon Fund projects' impacts. He worked in Manaus, where he was secretary of the Observatory of the Metropolitan Region of Manaus and was involved with various public policies and territorial management, such as Basin Committees, Action Plans and Defense of Threatened Species and Management of Conservation Units, such as the Mosaic of Preserved Areas of the Lower Rio Negro. Together with Prodigy, Artur develops research for his PhD regarding the evolution of international cooperation projects in the MAP Region, specially considering the diversity of land uses observable on field and supports the process of scientific communication of the project' results.