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Covid-19 and nutrition in Brazil

How has the Covid-19 pandemic affected food systems? To contribute to this reflection, the Food for Justice research group has been studying this phenomenon in Brazil and Germany.


Food for Justice on Instagram

BMBF releases new post about different projects related to sustainability, food security and sovereignty.


Social movements for an agricultural and food turnaround

New article about the german movement "Wir haben es satt!" from Renata Motta and Madalena Meinecke


Violent matters: Feminist solidarities through the politics of the body and nature

New Podcast from Renata Motta (Citizenship Lectures Summer 2020)


Accepted Working Group Global Land Programm LASELS

Our Associated Postdoctoral Researcher María Piquer-Rodríguez assumes the coordination of the project “Socio-Ecological Land Systems of Latin America (LASELS)”


Unionism and feminism: alliance building in the Brazilian Marcha das Margaridas

New article about the Marcha das Margaridas from Renata Motta and Marco Teixeira.


Women from every corner occupy Brasilia: the Marcha das Margaridas

New article by Renata Motta and Marco Teixeira about the activities of the Marcha das Margaridas in 2019.


Team Workshop in Brodowin

The Junior Reseach Group Food for Justice had a successful three-day workshop in Brodowin. A highlight was a guided tour of the local Demeter farm on the last day.


We welcome our new team members Carolin Küppers and Madalena Meinecke

Our team has two new members: Post-Doctoral Researcher Carolin Küppers and PhD-Researcher Madalena Meinecke .


Radar da Participação #3 - Mulheres do campo, das florestas, das águas e das cidades ocupam Brasília: a Marcha das Margaridas 2019

New commentary by Prof. Renata Motta and Dr. Marco Texeira about the relevance and activities of the Marcha das Margaridas.